Career Center Newsletter – January 2023

Welcome back, Wildcats!

It’s been a minute since we last touched base with y’all, so the next few minutes should be dedicated to reading the monthly Career Center Newsletter featuring:

  • Career and Professional Development Events Around Campus
  • A Summary of the Latest and Greatest Updates from the Career Center
  • Tips and Trends for Getting Hired in Today’s World of Work

Also, in case you didn’t notice, the Career Center Newsletter has a new home within Career Connections! If you haven’t already, customize your alerts to ensure you are notified when we publish each month.

Our team of Industry Advisors creates and sends newsletters with tailored content to the fields of students they regularly meet with. To explore the current list of industry newsletters available, visit our website. To sign up for these newsletters, update your career interests in Handshake.

Career and professional development is a constant, evolving process, and there is more to getting a job than having a degree. Your education will open doors, but the choice is yours to obtain the employment you desire. Finding opportunities at Villanova isn’t difficult when utilizing our online resources. To get started, we recommend visiting:

We also have Identity-Based Resources that offer their own set of opportunities for the communities of people who hold various social identities. We’re continuously updating these resources as we discover more opportunities to advance the growth of the entire University community.

Check Out This Month’s Featured Opportunities:

The Career Fairs are coming! Join us for a two-day series of three focused fairs open to Villanova University students and alumni of all years and majors. These events typically draw more than 150 employers interested in hiring Villanovans for full-time, internship and externship opportunities. Dress for success and review the attending employers in Handshake!

The Career Center’s Iris Photobooth is now available to capture your professional headshot. Iris Booth is the evolution of portrait photography, created by a veteran studio photographer to deliver clean, crisp images in a new, reimagined way. Iris condenses a full-size photo studio into a fun, modern 20-square-foot space. The Career Center is delighted to offer this service to undergraduate, graduate students and alumni.

Stay Connected:

We always enjoy meeting students and alumni in appointments, but we’re a social group online as well! Engage with our office to discover more events and advice on how we connect talent and opportunity. If you would like to meet with a career counselor or industry advisor, you are always welcome to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

By Dan Luner
Dan Luner Digital Media & Assessment Specialist