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B2B Content Marketing Strategy: SEO Writing

Looking to boost your B2B marketing outcomes, but not sure where to start? Reaching more customers requires a well-crafted plan with SEO-driven content and targeted assets. In this course, expert SEO writer Heather Lloyd-Martin shares how you can leverage SEO writing to drive results for your B2B organization.

Learn how to map a solid SEO content marketing strategy, including key components like reading Google’s search results page and assessing opportunities, composing blog posts and service pages based on SEO best practices, choosing long-tail keyphrases based on search intent, and designing conversion-focused titles, meta descriptions, and more. Heather shows you how to differentiate between SEO best practices and common optimization myths so you know what’s what. Upon completing this course, you’ll be equipped with new skills to craft SEO-driven content that boosts your business online—reaching more potential B2B customers and converting targeted prospects into guaranteed sales.

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