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Bluebeam: Manage Safety Submittals

Virtually every construction project these days involves documentation. Collecting, routing, reviewing, approving, copying, and distributing paper documents the old-fashioned way is tedious, and it’s easy to “drop the ball,” especially with regulatory documentation such as Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). Using Bluebeam Revu, we can transform safety submittals into a simple paperless process.

The end result is an easily accessible electronic package, with a hyperlinked chemical list that acts as a clickable table of contents—all with considerably less effort. Jim Rogers shows how to set up a project, start a studio session for collaboration, invite collaborators to the review process, set up an approval workflow, and combine all the submitted sheets into a single PDF file that can be searched and shared. Plus, learn how to keep a session open for additional submittals or archive it when a project is over.

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