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Composable SwiftUI Architecture Using Redux: 2 Building the App

Do you know how to use the Redux design pattern and Swift UI to add details to apps? In this course, Mohammad Azam uses practical examples to demonstrate exactly what you need to know. He starts with the movies app that will be your project for most of this course. Mohammad explains how to set up a valid account at OMDb API, so that you can request details for your application. He goes over the starter project, then covers how to implement models, the web service, middleware, actions, and state. Mohammad walks you through the steps to display the movie list and the movie details. Next, Mohammad switches gears to a restroom finder app, focusing first on how you can integrate with API and set up a Redux flow. He also uses this app to step through using LocationManager and Apple Maps to display and provide directions to restrooms. Mohammad concludes with an overview of the third-party open resources, ReSwift and The Composable Architecture (TCA).

Note: This course was created by Mohammad Azam. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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