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Data Analytics with Google Cloud BigQuery and Looker Studio

When you think about the best storytellers of the 21st century, you might not think… data? But data analytics play an increasingly large role in how we interpret what’s happening around us and is indispensable in solving real-world problems. In this course, learn how to use Google Cloud BigQuery and Looker Studio to tell your data analytics stories. Instructor Yoyu Li provides a step-by-step demonstration of solving a real-world data analytics challenge, looking at global temperature changes over nine decades. Yoyu shares a full view of the process of telling a story with data, starting from a problem statement. She shows you how to use public datasets in BigQuery, how to run SQL queries, how to add data sources, and visualize data in Looker Studio. Yoyu starts each chapter with a problem to solve, so you can immediately see the concepts in action as go you along.

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