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Excel for Marketers (2017)

Excel is a tremendously powerful tool for analyzing marketing data and trends. Yet it’s easy to be scared off by its hundreds of different formulas and functions. Most marketers are barely scratching the surface of what Excel can really do. In this course, veteran marketer and Excel power user Michael Taylor walks you through all the key features that can speed up your work and help you make smarter marketing decisions. 

Michael begins with the basics, showing how to work with marketing data sources and explaining basic formulas for analysis. Next, he walks through how to build a data-driven marketing plan, including mapping out your marketing funnel, reviewing volume vs. cost tradeoff, and running A/B testing. Michael shows how to analyze a campaign’s performance, working with PivotTables, charts, and dashboards. Finally, he demonstrates how to set up marketing campaigns in bulk, including manipulating text for ad copy generation and automating the most boring, repetitive tasks with macros.

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