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How to Own Your Career and Build Your Dream Job

In this audio-only course, Ann Hiatt shares valuable career development lessons learned from her 15 years working alongside Silicon Valley’s top CEOs. Ann shows you how to create win-win-wins by clarifying what you want out of your career, checking for ways you can help your boss, and aligning your skillset and goals with your company’s objectives. She explains how to seek out leaders you want to emulate, proactively disrupt yourself, and shift to a learning mindset for greater resilience. Ann goes over the importance of non-negotiable time for rejuvenation so that you can continue thriving. She also dives into how you can identify problems you can solve to proactively carve out your path to promotion.

This course was created by Pete Mockaitis of How to Be Awesome at Your Job. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

How to be Awesome at Your Job

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