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Kubernetes: Cloud Native Ecosystem

This course covers many of the tools hosted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, with an emphasis on the problems they solve. Instructor Karthik Gaekwad covers not just these tools, but also the mindset and engineering challenges involved in adopting cloud native or cloud distributed system architectures. Karthik begins by introducing the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the vendor-neutral governing body for many of the fastest-growing open-source projects. He discusses some CNCF offerings, including Kubernetes, Helm, and Argo. Karthik goes over service discovery and registry, as well as managing cloud native services, then dives into container networking, container storage, and runtime projects. He explains cloud native monitoring with Prometheus, application logging and tracing, and tools to help you with security, policy, and distribution. Karthik concludes with a discussion of where the CNCF is today and where it is going for tomorrow.

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