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Learning Adobe XD

One of the biggest challenges for user experience designers is the ever-increasing kinds of experiences. Seemingly everywhere we look—from phones, tablets, and watches to cars and refrigerators—we see a screen. Large screen or small, high-res or low, as user experiences become more specialized, designers and developers have a lot more to consider. Luckily, Adobe XD was designed exactly for this purpose, and in this course, Tom Green gets you up and running quickly with this vector-based UX tool. He starts with an overview of the basic workspace, toolbars, and panels, then shows how to create and manage projects. He explains how to integrate XD with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch, along with a host of plugins that extend XD’s functionality. Tom also covers how to create a design system and document it, new methods for sharing your prototypes with your stakeholders and team members, and many more ways Adobe XD can help you meet the challenges of modern UX design and development.

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