Menopause in the Workplace: A Guide to Supporting Your Colleagues

Menopause is a human condition that affects most of us in one way or another. Fifty percent of the world’s population will go through menopause, and the other 50% may be impacted by it. And yet it is seldom talked about in the workplace!

In this course, Loretta Dingam, CEO and Founder of the Menopause Hub based in Dublin, Ireland, clears up the confusion and stigmas around menopause. Learn why it’s important to talk about menopause in the workplace. Explore the societal, healthcare, workplace, and economic issues that menopause can cause. Go over the impact menopause can have on performances at work and how best to support women experiencing menopause. Find out what you need to think about as an employer or manager to be menopause-friendly in the workplace. Plus, get the knowledge and skills you need as a manager to support your colleagues on a range of issues related to menopause.

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