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.NET MAUI First Look

It’s time to take a look at the first version of .NET MAUI, the Microsoft framework for building cross-platform, native, client-user interfaces with C# and XAML. The power and functionality of .NET MAUI—or, multiapplication user interface—allows you to create mobile and desktop apps that run from a single code base. In this course, instructor Matt Milner provides an overview of .NET MAUI for developers who are looking to learn more about mobile and cross-platform development.

Get started with an introduction to the single project system that enables targeting of multiple platforms from one code base. Next you’ll learn about the general features and design of the .NET MAUI interface as you explore a wide range of interface layouts and controls to understand the visual components of the framework. Matt shows you everything you need to know about .NET MAUI Essentials, which provides cross-platform APIs that target device features such as location, networking, cameras, sensors, and more.

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