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Oracle Cloud Data Management Foundations Workshop

Oracle data management embraces modern app development and transformation with a simply complete solution that is completely simple. In this course from Oracle University, learn how the Oracle cloud data platform extends and complements its core databases. Go over architecting data management platforms. Get started with Autonomous Database (ADB) and get familiar with the tools you will use. Explore exadata and Database Cloud Service (DBCS), including exadata deployment options and lifecycle management. Find out how to use MySQL and NoSQL with HeatWave, as well as how to simplify application development with a converged database. Discover the resiliency in the database maximum security architecture and the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture. Step through the process of developing on Oracle Database. Explore data lake, data warehouse, and machine learning. Plus, go over the process for upgrades and migrations.

This course was created by Oracle University. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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