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Project Manager Burnout: Recognizing, Disrupting, and Reversing

As more and more people reevaluate their life balance (often misleadingly referred to as work-life balance), the issue of burnout has emerged as an increasingly common reason for professionals to leave their jobs. While project managers are not often identified as people most likely to suffer burnout, many attributes of a project manager’s role can lead to feelings of disconnection, exhaustion, and futility. In this course, Ruth Pearce explores the sources of burnout for project management professionals. She details the signs you can look out for, steps you can take to reduce your risk of burnout, and how to avoid contributing to burnout in others. If you’re a project manager that feels like you’re hitting a wall or losing your sense of purpose, join Ruth in this course as she explores the possible causes of burnout, and what you can do about it.

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