Career Resources for the DACA Community

Students who identify as undocumented face a special set of challenges in their career journeys. As a Catholic and Augustinian institution, Villanova University is a place of safety and welcome for all our students, faculty and staff, irrespective of their immigration status or national or ethnic origins.

The Career Center staff, along with the Villanova community, are here to offer support to these students as they navigate their career search.  The Charles Widger School of Law provides additional DACA Resources in support of immigrant justice.

Following our commitment to diversity and inclusion, this page is intended to provide resources and information to students as it relates to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

All campus departments and resources are available to you as Villanova University students.

Meet with a Staff Member

Call or visit the Career Center to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members who can work with you to explore career opportunities.

  • Career counseling is a collaborative and confidential space where you can work with a counselor to clarify goals while exploring your values, interests, skills and personality. A counselor can support you through the decision-making process as you apply to internships, consider graduate school and develop a plan for moving forward.
  • Industry advising appointments help you explore internship and job opportunities in a variety of fields. Our advisors can work with you to identify opportunities and employers for whom U.S. citizenship or permanent residency may not be a requirement.

Support for Unpaid Internships

As an undocumented student, you may also be managing financial stressors that make it difficult to pursue unpaid internships. There are some resources available at Villanova and externally that may help you manage financial constraints.

Review our webpage of departments and organizations that offer scholarships, funding and additional resources for students with unpaid internships. Pay close attention to application requirements and deadlines and reach out to the departments for more information.

Disclosing Your Status to Employers

It can be confusing and stressful to decide when and with whom to share your status. Throughout the job search and hiring process, it is important to provide information that is true and authentic, however, you ultimately get to decide whether to share your status. Come in to talk with a staff member about strategies for disclosing your status at different points in the process.

Filling Out Applications

On job applications, there is usually a question that says: “Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?”

  • If you have DACA you can answer “yes” to the question and continue through the hiring process without having to disclose more detailed information about your background.
  • If you do not have DACA or another work authorization status, there are other options you may consider for gaining experience and finding employment.

Financing Graduate School

Many graduate schools offer funding to help with the cost of graduate school. Some financial assistance comes in the form of research or teaching assistantships. Some programs also offer scholarships for incoming students.

Government Resources

Professional Associations & Networking Groups

  • United We Dream is a national network with state, local and federal campaigns that advocate for justice for undocumented students.
  • UndocuBlack Network is a network dedicated to the empowerment and the advancement of undocumented black individuals.
  • Pre-Health Dreamers (PHD) is a national network that provides support to undocumented students who are pursuing careers in health and science.
  • The Latino Medical Student Association has a scholarship for pre-medical students interested in advancing healthcare and education for Latino and underserved communities. Students are eligible to apply regardless of immigration status.

Disclaimer: This collection of websites represents information from many different sources, including Villanova University. By sharing these opportunities, the Career Center does not imply endorsement of the resources or partnerships with any of the related companies. The only sites that have been verified for completeness or correctness in relation to their intended purpose are those directly affiliated with Villanova University.