Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – Top Companies that Recruit at Villanova

In order to better serve students, the Villanova University Career Center has committed to promoting select companies that are recognized for their success in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and efforts via our career management platform, Handshake. Continue reading to learn more about this initiative, how, as a student, you can best utilize this feature, and the methodology used by the team at the Career Center to identify the companies on each list.

We selected four organizations (inclusive of six lists) to proceed with to promote the employer leaders in DEI efforts. The four organizations include DiversityIncDisability:INAnitaB and the World Economic Forum. Six unique lists, encompassing 274 companies, were selected from these four organizations. These lists include:

  • DiversityInc’s Top Companies for Diversity
  • DiversityInc’s Top Companies for Veterans
  • DiversityInc’s Top Companies for LGBTQ
  • Disability:IN’s Top Scoring Companies in the Disability Equality Index
  • AnitaB’s Top Companies for Women Technologists
  • World Economic Forum’s Partnering Organizations for Racial Justice in Business

As a student, you can review the employers highlighted on each list through Handshake using the links listed below or using Handshake’s feature that allows you to search using labels.

The methodology used to determine the company leaders in DEI consisted of various, intentional steps to ensure we are serving Villanova students with accurate and up-to-date information.

First, we researched eight organizations, and their associated methodologies, that publish lists featuring companies that are recognized for DEI in the workplace. During the review, three areas of criteria were considered. These included: the cadence of reported findings, determining the nature by how these lists were curated (i.e., assessment-based vs. committing to a pledge), and measuring the level of manageability to ensure that this process can be continued well into the future. After thoroughly reviewing the available information, we were able to determine the employer lists that provided a holistic and inclusive view of student promotion.

If there are any questions or concerns, or if you are simply interested in learning more, please email hirenova@villanova.edu.