Professional Headshots via Iris Booth

**The Professional Headshot Booth will be unavailable May 20, 2024 through August 5, 2024 due to construction.

The Career Center’s Iris Photobooth is now available to capture your professional headshot. Iris Booth is the evolution of portrait photography, created by a veteran studio photographer to deliver clean, crisp images in a new, reimagined way. Iris condenses a full-size photo studio into a fun, modern 20-square-foot space. The Career Center is delighted to offer this service to undergraduate, graduate students and alumni.
Iris reservations are limited to 15-minute timeslots and can be reserved in Handshake via the Appointments module. Career Center staff and the Wildcat Wardrobe are available and eager to help you look your best before stepping into the booth.
The new photobooth in the Career Center is a resource that we are happy to have available for students and alumni. Due to usage needs, University headshots for faculty and staff have certain specifications and standards that the Career Center photobooth does not provide. If you are interested in a headshot photoshoot for faculty or staff, please contact

Before Your Appointment:

  • Solid colors work best. Avoid white so you don’t blend into the background.
  • If going with a pattern, keep it simple.
  • Start with a simple shirt or blouse and slowly add layers – scarf, jacket, etc.
  • Make sure clothes are well pressed before the shoot. Wrinkles in clothes are difficult to edit out.
  • Consider bringing a lint brush or roller with you.
  • This is a headshot, so pants and shoes are generally not visible in the photo. Be comfortable!

During Your Appointment:

  • Keep your chin down. This will shape your face beautifully.
  • Having your arms straight by your sides can look uncomfortable. Cross your arms, place your hands on your hips, etc. Look confident, feel confident.
  • Try removing your glasses to avoid glare.
  • Turn slightly to one side and dip your shoulder towards the camera. Work your best angles.

After Your Appointment:

  • Upload your new headshot to your LinkedIn and Nova Network profiles!