Career Resources For College of Professional Studies Students

The Villanova University Career Center recognizes and supports the unique career needs of CPS students as you pursue new academic and career goals.

Career resources and services for College of Professional Studies Students are available through the Career Center with the Career Management team. Our resources are crafted and selected for you as experienced students and professionals. Whether you need to take a deep dive into a career development topic, or you are short on time, we have resources at the ready for you.

To view the resources that are available to you as a College of Professional Studies student, click the button that best aligns with your student status of either Degree Seeking student or Professional Education Programs student, which includes paralegal, VIISTA, certifications and other non-credit certificate students.

As a CPS student, you might be juggling multiple priorities while earning your degree. So, you might need quick, on-demand guidance to prepare for your next career move. If that sounds like you, see these checklists from Villanova’s Experienced Career Services team that highlight best practices in the following areas:

Learn about the academic and career journeys of four recent College of Professional Studies alumni. Moderated by Meredith Okenquist, Career Management Coach, Villanova University Career Management with CPS alumni panelists Bryan Clark ’21, Joyce Harden ’21, Ryan Oakley ’21, and Leah Samane ’21. Our panelists share their personal story of their undergraduate experience and will provide insight on how their degree directly impacted their career growth and path.

CPS Career Panel Recording