Resilience Resume – Provost Patrick Maggitti

Provost Patrick G. Maggitti, PhD

“As the fifth out of six kids and the first to go away to college, I hadn’t done as much career exploration as might be the case nowadays. I set off to college thinking I was going to be a doctor and that was a first inflection point where my intended path didn’t work out for me. Instead, I got into industrial sales.

While I had a good career, it never sparked a passion in me. It wasn’t until I went back to school for my MBA that I started to seriously consider a larger universe of options that might better fit my career aspirations and interests. At that time, I was getting my MBA at Johns Hopkins University and my wife suggested that I avail myself of the programs at the Career Center.

After taking several interest inventories and personality assessments, what kept coming up for me was college professor—a career I never really considered. As I researched it further, I realized that it was something I was very interested in pursuing. I decided at that point to make a complete career shift and entered a PhD program to become a college professor.

The message here is that we’re always exploring what we want to do, no matter our age. It’s never too late to make a change. Villanova’s Career Center is an invaluable resource not only for our students, but also for our alumni through our Experienced Career Services team. I’m a huge believer in the work that the Career Center does and the value it provides. “

Provost Maggitti’s Resilience Resume Social Media Post

By Dan Luner
Dan Luner Digital Media & Assessment Specialist