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This community is geared towards anyone still exploring career paths – regardless of your school or college, class year or level of experience. There’s plenty of time to choose a major or discipline, explore career options and find opportunities. Browse through this page to discover many ways you can launch your career journey!

Exploring Majors & Careers? Villanova Resources to Support Your Search

Villanova offers a number of virtual resources to help you investigate majors and career paths while you are in the exploratory phase. All of these resources are available to you 24/7 through Career Connections.

Villanova Outcomes Explorer – Villanova University …

By Beth Cahill
Beth Cahill Director of Career Development
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Should I Go to Grad School? Here are 5 Good Reasons

“Should I go to grad school?”

Longtime professional, current undergraduate student, or sector switcher—no matter where you are in your social-impact journey, you may have wondered whether grad school is right for you. From satisfying a degree requirement to deepening …

By Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers | Helping you land, love, and grow in your social-impact career. And visit Idealist.org explore thousands of great jobs and social-impact organizations near you.
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Public Policy and Government Career Paths in Washington, DC

Below are common career paths for public policy and government work. This is not an exhaustive list! There are many roles and opportunities to get involved in politics, government, non-profits, lobbyist firms, and more. Each header links to an external …

By Christie Vuoto
Christie Vuoto
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Career Readiness Resources

Skill Building Courses

Creative Inspirations: Ed Emberley, Children’s Book Illustrator

Taught by Ed Emberley
Award-winning children’s book author and illustrator Ed Emberley is truly a national treasure, having drawn nearly 100 books. The warmth…

Insights from a College Career Coach

Taught by Valerie Sutton
Are you feeling stuck in your current position, seeking a new one, or contemplating a career change? In this interview,…

Ideation for Marketers

Taught by Brad Batesole
How do you keep your marketing fresh—generating new ideas and approaches to keep your audience engaged? In this course, marketing…

A Day In The Life of a Data Scientist

Taught by Madecraft
The best way to understand what it’s actually like to work as a data scientist is to spend the day…

Working with Recruiters

Taught by Barbara Bruno
No matter how big your network is, a recruiter’s network is bigger. A recruiter can be a great resource to…

AutoCAD 2014 Essential Training: 1 Interface and Drawing Management

Taught by Jeff Bartels
AutoCAD 2014 Essentials with Jeff Bartels is a multi-part series that takes a more modular approach to this massive program,…

3ds Max: UVW Mapping

Taught by Joel Bradley
UVW mapping allows you to take a mathematical, coordinate-based approach to mapping 2D textures to irregular 3D objects in 3ds…

Creating an Interior Scene with Blender

Taught by Darrin Lile
Learn how to use Blender to model, texture, and render a realistic interior scene. In this course author Darrin Lile…

AutoCAD Raster Design Essential Training

Taught by Eric Wing
You don’t have to leave AutoCAD to optimize and vectorize raster data. Use AutoCAD Raster Design to write and process…

Chris Landreth: Oscar-Winning Animation Director

Taught by Chris Landreth
Chris Landreth broke out with his Oscar-winning animated short, Ryan. Now he conducts research on facial expressions and body language…

Leading a Marketing Team

Taught by Drew Boyd
Do you have what it takes to lead your marketing team to greatness—great campaigns, great collaborations, and great results? Learn…

3ds Max: Stylized Environment for Animation

Taught by Zaheer Mukhtar
Stylized art is used for both games and films, and in both scenarios, the intricate, detailed final animation often starts…

Cinema 4D R18 Essential Training: The Basics

Taught by Andy Needham
CINEMA 4D R18: The Basics introduces artists to the CINEMA 4D workflow, using CINEMA 4D as part of a pipeline…

Houdini Essential Training

Taught by Scott Pagano
There’s a multitude of tools for 3D content creation on the market, and each has its own advantages and merits.…

Learning to Be Promotable

Taught by Elizabeth (McLeod) Lotardo
To land a promotion, you need to do more than just excel at your current job. You need to have…

Agile Marketing Foundations

Taught by Chris DallaVilla
By adopting agile marketing principles, you can run projects that have a greater impact and improve over time. In this…

CMO Foundations: Become an Effective CMO

Taught by Lisa Nirell
Become a chief marketing officer (CMO) that gets results and thrives in a time of ambiguity and uncertainty. Get guidance…

3ds Max 2019 Essential Training

Taught by Aaron F. Ross
3ds Max is best known for its modeling and rendering tools. These strengths come into play in architecture, manufacturing, game…

3ds Max and V-Ray: Residential Exterior Materials

Taught by George Maestri
Anyone who presents architectural renderings and visualizations to clients knows the importance of realistic materials. Physically accurate materials add impact…

Mastering UVW Mapping in Houdini 16.5

Taught by Joel Bradley
Learn how to apply and refine textures on 3D objects in Houdini with UVW mapping. In this course, Joel Bradley…

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