Forage offers free virtual work simulations which are designed and delivered by leading companies in various industries. Forage experiences are anywhere from 2-8 hours long and are designed to help students get better prepared for work in that industry.

Forage is open source which means it is free and there is no application process to sign up. It is open to all – you don’t need a college degree to join.

Fun fact – Forage students are 71% more likely to land a job than the average applicant by completing a company’s virtual experience program.

Forage has programs in these fields and more and is adding more daily!

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Data
  • Life Sciences
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

A sampling of current Forage companies.

  • Accenture North America
  • Bank of America
  • BCG
  • Comcast
  • Electronic Arts
  • Walmart

Once you have completed your experience program you can reference it on your resume and LinkedIn. Here is a guide from Forage on referencing Forage on your LinkedIn and Resume. 

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