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Explore your interest in the financial services, real estate, and insurance industries through this page’s various tools and resources. Check out the Financial Services and Banking 101 and the Business Functions and Operations 101 resources which provide Villanova-specific information and links to the Vault Guides, providing a thorough overview of the sectors you’re interested in within these industries. The jobs and internships featured on this page are just a sampling of what is posted on Handshake, so log in to view more! To connect with additional alumni involved in financial services, real estate and insurance, check out the Nova Network.

Villanova Financial Services, Real Estate & Insurance Industry Programs & Additional Events

Be on the lookout for various events that take place throughout the year including career fairs, information sessions, panels, workshops, info tables, coffee chats, and virtual events.

  • VSB O’Donnell Center: Careers in Corporate Finance & Accounting (Fall)
  • BRIDGE Society Mentoring & Networking Event: Exploring Careers in Finance (Fall)
  • What Liberal Arts Students Need to Know About Finance Workshops (Fall)
  • DiLella Center for Real Estate Career Conference (Fall)
  • Wall Street Meetups (Spring)
  • Society Events e.g. Women in Business Conference (Fall)

Villanova Financial Services, Real Estate & Insurance Industry Resources

Check out these resources that can help you in your journey to learn more about the financial services, real estate, and insurance industry.

Is Wall Street Right for You? Find out at the 2024 Wall Street Meetups Exploring 2025 Internships + Application Information

Are you a student interested in a Summer 2025 internship at a financial services firm? Then it is very important that you attend the series of Wall Street Meetups during the Spring 2024 semester. Every organization’s recruitment timeline for internships …

By Timaria Brach
Timaria Brach
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How To Become a Business Analyst

Whether you’re looking to get into business as a fresh graduate or make a career change, becoming a business analyst is a great option. Professionals in these roles are in high demand because analysts are key players in helping businesses …

By Springboard
Bridging the world's skills gap through affordable, high-quality, online education.
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“Breaking Barriers: DEI Organizations Paving the Path to Success Through Financial Services Internships”

Historically, financial services and investment banking have lacked diverse talent. As an industry that is centralized in networking and social capital, many underrepresented and marginalized candidate groups have been excluded. Due to this fact, organizations like Girls Who Invest, INROADS, …

By Timaria Brach
Timaria Brach
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Industry 101 Guides

Featured Employers

Career Readiness Resources

Alumni Connections

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Outsourced Trading StoneX Group Inc.
Meet Bradley >
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Global Chief People Officer Obviously
Meet Karen >
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Debt Capital Markets Analyst Rubenstein Partners
Meet Jonathan >
  • New York, New
  • Financial Advising Associate Strategies for Wealth
Meet Isaac >
  • Silverthorne, Colorado
Meet Thomas >
  • New York, NY
  • Investment Banking Analyst BMO Capital Markets
Meet Owen >
  • Coatesville, PA
  • Managing Director Northwestern Mutual
Meet Joseph >
  • Greater Philadelphia, NJ
  • Senior Project Manager Michael Baker International
Meet Paul >
  • Wayne, PA
Meet Pete >
  • Caldwell, NJ
  • Director of Operations TwinCity Residences
Meet Andrew >
  • Wilmington, DE
  • Financial Analyst - IT@JH Johns Hopkins University
Meet Paul >
  • King of Prussia, PA
  • Associate realtor RE/MAX Ready
Meet Dario >

Skill Building Courses

Financial Accounting Part 1

Taught by Earl Stice
Anyone who needs to interpret financial statements or communicate financial results needs a solid understanding of financial accounting. This comprehensive,…

Graphic Design Tips & Tricks

Taught by John McWade
John McWade, founder of Before & After and former senior staff author at LinkedIn Learning, presents a series that touches…

pandas Essential Training

Taught by Jonathan Fernandes
pandas is an open-source data analysis library that provides high-performance, easy-to-use data structures, and data analysis tools for Python. In…

Finance and Accounting Tips

Taught by Earl Stice
Are you curious about the financial details of big companies like Walmart and Boeing, but shy away from further investigation…

Financial Forecasting with Big Data

Taught by Michael McDonald
Big data is transforming the world of business. Yet many people don’t understand what big data and business intelligence are,…

Managerial Economics

Taught by Stefan Michel
Managers can use economics to strategize and solve a variety of business problems, from the mundane to the mission critical.…

Finance Foundations: Business Valuation

Taught by Earl Stice
Do you know the value of your business? Business valuation is critical when selling a small business, bringing on a…

Running a Profitable Business: Calculating Breakeven

Taught by Earl Stice
Starting a business can be pricey. Breakeven analysis and cost-volume-profit analysis will help you understand when—and if—your business will start…

Taxes and Accounting for Music

Taught by Richard Stim
Most musicians count themselves lucky to make money at a career they love. But income means taxes, and taxes can…

Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Cash Flow

Taught by Earl Stice
The cash flow statement is one of the three primary financial statements, but because it has only been around since…

Running a Profitable Business: Revenue Recognition

Taught by Earl Stice
Revenue recognition determines when a sale should be recorded: This month or next month? This year or next year? This…

Financial Analysis: Making Business Projections

Taught by Rudolph Rosenberg
Estimating future financial performance plays a big part in the life of start-ups and corporations large and small. By looking…

Accounting Foundations: Managerial Accounting

Taught by Earl Stice
Managerial accounting helps managers make decisions using an organization’s financial data. An understanding of managerial accounting helps you figure out…

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (2015)

Taught by Earl Stice
If you’re looking to grow your career and take on greater responsibility within your organization, you’ll need to demonstrate a…

Planning a Web Design Portfolio: Growing Your Freelance Business

Taught by Lauren Bacon
A great portfolio can make the difference between landing a new client and losing a sale. In this course, you’ll…

Running a Profitable Business: Understanding Financial Ratios

Taught by Earl Stice
Financial ratios—such as ROI (return on investment) or ROA (return on assets)— are a valuable tool for measuring a company’s…

Mapping the Modern Web Design Process

Taught by Morten Rand-Hendriksen
Once you eliminate the trends and terminology, web design is about one thing and one thing only: getting your message…

QuickBooks: Advanced Bookkeeping Techniques

Taught by Bonnie Biafore
View Bonnie’s LinkedIn Newsletter Master tricky income, expense, and banking transactions in QuickBooks with these tips and techniques from Bonnie…

The Making of Amsterdam Mist: The Structures

Taught by Bert Monroy
Bert Monroy creates digital paintings that fool the eye and delight the senses. And he’s been at it for over…

Financial Analysis: Analyzing the Top Line with Excel

Taught by Rudolph Rosenberg
Learn how to analyze the top line (or revenue) of your company and identify areas of under- or overperformance with…

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