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What Is Web3?

Whether you realize it or not, and even if you can’t define it, Web3 is everywhere—on social media, in the news, in people’s investment planning. While it makes big promises, its vocabulary is unique. If you’ve heard buzzwords like “blockchain” or “decentralization” or anything about cryptocurrency, but aren’t sure what it all means, this course can help you make sense of the jargon and technologies underpinning it all. Join instructor Morten Rand-Hendriksen as he explores the many parts of Web3 to help you gain a firm grasp of the principles and practices around the ideas for a new iteration of the Web. This course is set up as a reference tool on Web3, so you can watch one video, or the entire course, depending on what you need to know. Whether you want a high-level explanation of Web3, or want a deep dive into how blockchain technology works, Morten’s course has got you covered.

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