STAR Response Worksheet for Interview Success

The STAR method is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the specific Situation, Task, Action, and Result of the situation you are describing.

Behavioral-based interview questions are a type of questions that employers use during job interviews to learn about your past behaviors or performance. The rationale is that past behavior is a good predictor of future performance. These questions typically focus on how you have handled various situations in the past and often start with “Tell me about a time when…”

Here’s what each component of STAR stands for:

  • Situation: Describe the context within which you performed a job or faced a challenge at work. This could be a specific project, task, or situation.
  • Task: Explain the actual task you were responsible for. The task could be something assigned to you or something that was a result of the situation.
  • Action: Discuss the actions you took to address the situation with an appropriate amount of detail. The interviewer will be looking for information on what you did, why you did it, and what the alternatives were.
  • Result: Talk about the outcomes of your actions. What happened, how did the event end, what did you learn? This is your opportunity to highlight your successes and demonstrate your ability to deliver.

The STAR method is a way of answering behavioral interview questions in a concise and structured way. It’s important to provide specific examples and to focus on your role and contributions. Remember, the goal is to highlight your skills and how you can bring value to the company.

This worksheet includes competencies that are commonly assessed during a behavioral interview. Practice crafting your interview stories step by step.

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