Vault Guide to Careers in the Fashion Industry

Whether you are interested in working as a Buyer or Brand Manager, we have resources that can provide you with more information.

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By accessing the following links on Vault: Fashion and Apparel, Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Designers, Fashion Illustrators, Fashion Stylists, Fashion Writers and Editors, you will get a snapshot of:

An Overview



Industry Outlook


Related Professions

For a deeper dive into certain professions within the fashion industry, review the following Vault Guides: Fashion and Apparel Jobs, Vault Career Guide to Public Relations, Media and Entertainment Jobs, General Consumer Projects Jobs, Advertising Jobs, Visual Arts Jobs, Design Jobs, Textiles Industry Jobs, Newspaper and Magazine Jobs, Communications Jobs

Watch these Day in the Life of videos to understand each profession: Fashion Buyer (Fabric), Fashion Buyer (Dress Buyer), Fashion Inventory Planning, Fashion Product Manager and 5 tips for Breaking into the Fashion Industry at Any Age.

For even more information on the fashion industry, search “fashion” in Vault.