Vault Guide to Careers in Consulting

Whether you are interested in working for a consulting firm or working as a consultant for an organization, we have resources that can provide you with more information.

As a Villanova University student or alumni, you have access to Vault, which features the popular Vault Guides.

By accessing the consulting industry page on Vault, you can get a snapshot of: 

  • An Overview 
  • Background 
  • Structure 
  • Industry Outlook 
  • Resources 
  • Related Professions 

Check out these Day in the Life Examples and Career Q&A Videos.

By accessing the Vault Career Guide to Consulting, you will get a deep dive into the industry and 28 job types including: 

  • Quick Facts
  • History
  • The Job
  • Earnings
  • Work Environment
  • Education and Training Requirements
  • Certification, Licensing and Special Requirements
  • Experience, Skills and Personality Traits
  • Employer Prospects
  • Advancement Prospects
  • Unions and Associations
  • Tips for Entry

For even more information on the consulting profession, search “consulting” in Vault.